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pju 50W solar power packet
pju 50W solar power packet
pju 50W solar power packet
pju 50W solar power packet
pju 50W solar power packet
pju 50W solar power packet
pju 50W solar power packet
pju 50W solar power packet
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21 Jan 2021
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Specification of pju 50W solar power packet

30 Watt Solar LAMP PACKAGE SNI-030TS typeSolar Public Street Lighting (PJUTS) is street lighting that absorbs sunlight into an energy source that generates electricity. This lamp is highly recommended for areas that have not been reached by the PLN electricity grid and remote areas or also as an appropriate choice to participate in nature conservation because this package is pollution free. In addition to the Solar PJU area, it can also be applied in urban areas such as on main roads, residential roads, warehousing roads, parking lots, and others that require lighting.
We offer low-quality, high-quality Solar Street Lighting (PJUTS) lighting packages and are supported by our always safe stock. The following is a description of the packages we offer. The solar cell module or Solar Panel functions to receive light / sunlight which is then converted into electrical energy which is then connected to the SOLAR CONTROLER to charge the BATERAY to be used as needed.Solar Street Lights (PJU Solar Power) will automatically turn on in the afternoon or when the light intensity reaches the specified voltage limit (8 VOLT) and goes out in the morning, maintenance is easy and efficient. We use LED lights with high lumens so that they are very bright with the same wattage that is on the market. We also offer several options for battery types and types. The batteries we use include maintenance free (MF) VRLA / AGM / Deep Cycle technology, lithium ion batteries, lithium lifepo4 batteries.Solar PJU SNI-060TS operates independently and does not require inter-pole power cables so installation is very easy, practical, very economical and can avoid total blackouts.
* Easy to maintain and install
* Work independently and automatically
*Environmentally friendly
* The lifetime of solar panels up to 25 yearsAPPLICATIO
* Street and Park lights
* Parking lot
* Residential area
* Tourist area
* Industrial area
* Mining Area
* Plantation area
*and othersSpecification;
* 2x Solar Panel ... WP
* Pju 60W VDC lamp brands OSRAM, SNIled, etc. Equals
* Controller Brand EPEVER, LUMIAX, 20A 12V / 24V
* 2x4 mm Solar Panel Cable
* 2x1.5mm Street Light LED Cable
* 12V VRLA battery ....... Ah
* Battery box based on habits
* Octagonal / round street light poles are recommended 7 to 9 meters in heightFor further information contact us at
+62 99102252, +62 822 3080 1991

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