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Two In One Street Light 40W SNI-040TIO
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PJU Solar Power TWO In One 40W Type SNI-040TIO

Two In One Public Street Lighting is a lighting lamp that utilizes solar energy as an alternative energy for electric power. This Two In One type of street lamp is made systematic in one system without reducing its function and efficiency. These Two In One Solar Street Lights are a little different from conventional types of lights. Where the Solar Panel Module is separate from the lamp and can be upgraded, but for batteries, controllers, LED lights, cables are arranged together and packed to be ready to install. With the system and model of lights made into this one will provide added value including making it look elegant and neat in its installation, further minimizing battery theft, especially in areas that are prone to surveillance and quiet. There are two ignition mode choices in this two in one lamp, a dimming system where the light intensity is set to the brightness according to the time specified and another motion sensor system where the light intensity of the lamp will be 100% when there is movement under the lamp and will return dim to 60% when there is no movement

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